Clip on sunglasses – where can I buy spring clip glasses?

UK consumers looking to buy sunglasses at this time of year are unlikely to find much of a selection in the major high street retailers, even though many people choose this period for their winter sun holiday and therefore need effective eye protection.

Look online for the best choice of eyewear

Unless you are prepared to pay designer sunglasses prices in the opticians, then you are probably best looking online to source effective eyewear at the best price. This is particularly true if you are looking for specialised eyewear such as clip on sun glasses or sunglasses for sports.

Buying clip on sunglasses on the high street tends to be a hit or miss experience at any time of year. Unless you happen to go shopping in early spring when the shops have just re-stocked, it can be difficult to get the size and shape of clip-ons that best fits your glasses.

Specialised eyewear is needed all year round

Recognising the need for a quality outlet for specialised eye protection throughout the year, Eyewear Accessories have launched an online store that specialises purely in clip on sunglasses.

After researching the market, they have sourced a quality range of spring clip sun glasses that provide enhanced fit and comfort for a wide range of prescription frames. All their eyewear has polarising lenses that eliminate glare and provide 100% UV protection.

spring clip sunglassesQuality clip on sunglasses for only £19.99

The clip on sunglasses at Eyewear Accessories offer a combination of quality and great value. At only £19.99 including hard case plus just £2.95 for first class post and packing, this is one accessory that people who wear specs will want to buy early while stocks last.