Do your eyes get tired and irritated when working at a computer screen?

A survey conducted by the Eyecare Trust in 2011 revealed that the average person in the UK now spends a staggering 3 and a half months per year looking at a screen. As a result of prolonged computer use, “screen fatigue”, ie: sore, itchy, irritated eyes or temporary blurring of vision affects 9 out of 10 computer users

Watching an image on a screen is very absorbing. When you concentrate on the screen for long periods, your blink rate slows and your eyes tend to dry out. This problem is made even worse by the drying effect of the atmosphere in centrally heated homes and air-conditioned offices.

If you regularly come home from work and watch TV or sit at a computer screen in the evenings you may experience particular problems of screen fatigue, as the eyes tend to dry out over the course of  the day.

So what can be done to reduce screen fatigue?

The Moisture Chamber glasses sold by Eyewear Accessories can help to reduce the rate at which your eyes dry out and reduce symptoms of sore, itchy eyes. They have a foam seal that insulates your eyes from the drying atmosphere.

Visit the Eyewear Accessories website on moisture chamber glasses

See the Eyecare Trust’s tips on avoiding screen fatigue



Stylish clip on sunglasses for the modern consumer

Man wearing Solarclips Rectangle clip on sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses are back in demand, reports Eyewear Accessories, with new spring-fit designs and improved flip up models that not only look much better, but also offer greater comfort and performance compared with the clipons of the past.

Eyewear Accessories report that many people are finding their clip on sunglasses the best alternative to buying costly prescription eyewear.

Read the full article on their blog: The Budget busting alternative to prescription sunglasses

Spring-fit clip ons that look as good as prescription sunglasses

A customer wearing Solarclips Almond clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories, the UK outlet for Solarclips spring-fit clip on sunglasses is delighted to announce that an even wider range of models is being added to its extensive range.

Solarclips attach neatly to the wearer’s prescription spectacles with four discreet clips and are held in place by the tension of a spring-loaded bridge.

They are available through Eyewear Accessories in 20 different size/shape combinations and most models are available in a choice of polarized tints, including category 3 smoke grey, category 3 brown, and category 2 copper.

Virtually indistinguishable from a pair of prescription sunglasses

By selecting a shape/size of Solarclips that corresponds accurately to the lens dimensions of your glasses, they look virtually indistinguishable from a pair of prescription sunglasses.

An excellent, cost-effective alternative to prescription sunglasses

Spring-fit clip on sunglasses provide an excellent, cost-effective alternative to prescription sunglasses and, with the increasing popularity of varifocals, many people are choosing them rather than having a separate pair of tinted prescription glasses made.

Solarclips have a high build quality, with light frames made from stainless steel and quality polarized lenses.

They are available online from Eyewear Accessories at £18.99 including a hard protective, velvet lined case. They ship orders worldwide (except US and Canada) for just £2.95 and in the UK, delivery is normally the next working day. .

For more details, visit

What makes the best driving glasses?

What type of lenses are best for driving?

Hi-4 polarized sunglasses have Nu Polar lenses recognised as the best performers for optical clarity and contrast

For daytime driving in conditions where strong glare is a problem, the lenses should be polarized. The polarization filter dramatically reduces the glare from low angle sun (and from reflected light from the road surface which is especially a problem when wet or icy).

For daytime  driving in bright sunlight, it is best to go for a filter category 2 polarized lens (light transmission in the range 18 to 43%).

For driving in low light, such as misty conditions, or where spray affects visibility, your vision can be enhanced by yellow high definition lenses (filter category 1).

Look at the specification of the lenses – go for quality sunglasses that are optically correct, otherwise your vision may be impaired and you could suffer headaches if you wear them for extended periods.


What are night driving glasses?

Beware of using tinted sunglasses to drive at night! Many shops that offer so called night driving lenses are actually referring to yellow light enhancing lenses and the filter in these will only enhance your vision in daylight. Driving with a tint at night will reduce your visual accuity and can be dangerous. It is not recommended by leading motoring organisations.

Sunglasses that give peripheral protection

The wraparound frame on the Z-001 protects your eyes from peripheral glare while maintaining excellent all round visibility

When the sun’s angle is low and to one side, many drivers find that sunglasses with a flat profile that don’t wrap around the sides tend to let in glare at the sides, which can then reflect on the back of the lens, causing difficulty seeing, and headaches.

If you find peripheral glare a problem, look for wraparound styles with lenses that curve round the sides of your eye region as they can help to stop excessive light from entering the side of your eyes.

Are photochromic lenses suitable for driving?

Most photochromic (light-reactive) lenses react to UV light and their function will be severely impaired when you are behind a windscreen so they are best avoided for driving.

Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Some sport sunglasses come with a series of interchangeable lenses with different levels of tint and, if you don’t mind a certain amount of lens changing, you can select an appropriate level of filter depending on the light conditions.

Sunglasses that keep out dust or sand

If you are driving an open top vehicle in dusty or sandy conditions, or if you suffer from dry eyes when the air conditioning is on in your car, look for moisture chamber sunglasses that have a foam seal to reduce evaporation of tears.

BodySpecs sunglasses have a removable foam gasket that keeps dust and debris out of your eyes – important if you are driving in dusty conditions, particularly in an open top vehicle.

The foam gasket is also helpful for reducing the rate at which your eyes dry out, which can be beneficial for dry eye sufferers or people who wear contact lenses to drive. This style of eyewear with a foam eye seal is favoured by kit car drivers and motorcyclists.

Last but not least – ensure the sunglasses are a comfortable fit!

Finally, of course, find a pair of sunglasses that fit your head well and will be light and comfortable for wearing for extended periods.

What if I need prescription lenses to drive?

This man is wearing Solarclips clip on sunglasses for driving

Obtaining prescription sunglasses with the right specification polarized lenses can be a costly exercise, probably setting you back several hundreds of pounds for a decent pair.

Unless they are going to be suitable for everyday use, it also means that your eyes need to adjust to wearing a different pair of prescription frames, which may not be ideal just before driving! Also, you will end up with having to carry around two separate sets of prescription glasses, which is inconvenient!

A much more cost-effective and flexible option that means you don’t have to adjust your eyes to a different set of prescription frames, is to get a quality pair of polarized clip on sunglasses, such as those in the Solarclips range. In particular, copper filter category 2 clip on sunglasses are ideal for driving.

The polarization filter in the copper lenses significantly reduces glare in bright sunny conditions, yet the lenses are not too dark when the sun goes in or you drive through a wooded area.

Stylish Solarclips clip on sunglasses with copper polarized lenses

These lenses have been developed also to enhance colour contrast, depth perception and detail recognition in medium to low light conditions, reducing squinting and resulting eye strain.

Eyewear Accessories widens its range of quality clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories is delighted to announce that in response to demand, it has introduced a wider range of sizes of its popular clip on sunglasses.

This increases the range to 12 shape/size combinations, giving customers a much greater opportunity to obtain clipons that fit closely their prescription glasses than if they were to search on the high street. The new sizes are available to order now for despatch from 26 April.

Eyewear Accessories is confident that the clip on sunglasses it sells represent the best value and quality currently available in the UK, especially as high street stores do not offer the quality hard case in which to protect the eyewear when not in use.

Clip on sunglasses online store redesigned

Eyewear Accessories are pleased to announce the redesign of their online store selling clip on sunglasses:

Design and navigation has been simplified

We have simplified the design and navigation of the site, reducing the number of clicks required to add the selected model of sunglasses to your basket, from 3 down to 1. Feedback received from customers on the new site design and the guidance on choosing clipon shape and size has been very positive.

Clip on sunglasses – where can I buy spring clip glasses?

UK consumers looking to buy sunglasses at this time of year are unlikely to find much of a selection in the major high street retailers, even though many people choose this period for their winter sun holiday and therefore need effective eye protection.

Look online for the best choice of eyewear

Unless you are prepared to pay designer sunglasses prices in the opticians, then you are probably best looking online to source effective eyewear at the best price. This is particularly true if you are looking for specialised eyewear such as clip on sun glasses or sunglasses for sports.

Buying clip on sunglasses on the high street tends to be a hit or miss experience at any time of year. Unless you happen to go shopping in early spring when the shops have just re-stocked, it can be difficult to get the size and shape of clip-ons that best fits your glasses.

Specialised eyewear is needed all year round

Recognising the need for a quality outlet for specialised eye protection throughout the year, Eyewear Accessories have launched an online store that specialises purely in clip on sunglasses.

After researching the market, they have sourced a quality range of spring clip sun glasses that provide enhanced fit and comfort for a wide range of prescription frames. All their eyewear has polarising lenses that eliminate glare and provide 100% UV protection.

spring clip sunglassesQuality clip on sunglasses for only £19.99

The clip on sunglasses at Eyewear Accessories offer a combination of quality and great value. At only £19.99 including hard case plus just £2.95 for first class post and packing, this is one accessory that people who wear specs will want to buy early while stocks last.


Where can I get clip on sunglasses that fit?

Eyewear Accessories, the clip on sunglasses retailer that specialises in clipons to fit over today’s smaller prescription eyewear styles, have launched a video to help customers choose the right shape and size.

The video explains how the spring-clip glasses attach easily over metal or plastic frames and how to use the simple sizing guide to match their spectacle lenses to the appropriate clip on model.

Watch the video

Visit the Eyewear Accessories website

View the range of clip on sunglasses on their site.

Clip on sunglasses: why it pays to buy polarized lenses

person-wearing-clipon-sunglassesClip on sunglasses are a handy accessory if you wear prescription glasses. Light and easy to carry in a pocket, they are easy to fix over your glasses to protect your eyes from glare when the sun gets too bright for reading, driving, or just sitting in the sun. If you’re going on a winter sun holiday, you’ll want to ensure there’s a pair of clipons in your hand luggage.

Don’t be tempted to go for cheap clipons

Don’t think all clip on sunglasses are the same.

It may be tempting to pick up a cheap pair of clipons at the airport or from a tourist stall on holiday. Not only will they probably be a poor fit and be uncomfortable, but if they don’t have quality polarised lenses they could actually damage your eyes.

Why? Dark sunglasses without added ultraviolet protection may cause more damage to the eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. The darkness of the lens can cause the pupil to dilate, thus letting more ultraviolet rays into the inner parts of the eye.

Do your clip on sunglasses meet international standard EN 1836: 1997?

Eyewear Accessories in the UK advise that you always check that the clip-on sunglasses you’re buying conform to international standard EN 1836: 1997 which ensures that you will get protected correctly from harmful rays. Be aware that not all sunglasses meet this standard.

Polarized clipons are great for driving and sport

Apart from the key health benefit of protecting your eyes from harmful exposure to UV light, polarized lenses are a great asset for sport because they virtually eliminate glare and reflections. Whether you are going fishing, sailing, cycling, golf or skiing, you will have a significant advantage if you go polarized. And if you are driving more than about half an hour on a sunny day you will reduce fatigue though eye strain considerably by wearing your polarised clipons for the duration.

clipons-in-caseClip on sunglasses can be comfortable and fit well!

You can buy a quality range of polarized clip on sunglasses that meet international safety standards from Eyewear Accessories in the UK. They sell cutting edge clipons designed to attach comfortably to modern lightweight prescription glasses.

The clever technology has a spring bridge and neat, plastic coated lugs that attach securely to most prescription frames in a way that makes wearing the clipons less intrusive than the older style flip ups.

All the clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories come with a quality, slimline, hard case for protecting your eyewear when not in use. Their clipons are all priced competitively at £18.99 including free UK delivery.

For more information on polarized clip on sunglasses, visit, run by Eyewear Accessories.

Polarised clip on sunglasses that you won’t know you’re wearing

clipons-case-specsEyewear Accessories in the UK have introduced a range of light, well engineered clip on sunglasses that are designed to fit easily and neatly over prescription glasses with a patented spring clip mechanism.

Priced at only £18.99 plus delivery, the clipons have polarising lenses that eliminate glare and provide 100% UV protection.

Quality made to international standards in the US, the clip on sunglasses are available from Eyewear Accessories in different lens shapes and sizes to best fit your glasses and are provided with a quality lined hard case slim enough to carry in a top pocket.

Eyewear Accessories offer secure online ordering by credit card or PayPal account from their website at